Remote Night Monitor For The Elderly

The overnight hours can be particularly worrisome for families, even those who pay for care during the day. You assume your loved one is in bed and sleeping because you have no information to suggest otherwise. How do you know they aren’t wandering, stuck in the bathroom, or leaving the home?

A night monitor for elderly loved ones can discover risky behaviors like frequent bathroom visits, poor sleeping habits, night wandering, and even elopement.

envoyatHome helps you discover behaviors that occur when your senior is alone, so you can adjust their care to minimize the risk to their safety and wellness. This innovative and affordable system is designed for families with a loved one beginning a cognitive decline journey or already diagnosed with a memory related illness. If your loved one is alone at night, assumptions can be catastrophic. Caregiver remote monitoring is the help you need to keep your loved one safe and independent.

How Technology Can Help You and Your Senior

envoyatHome works to uncover subtle changes in your loved one’s behavior at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Understanding your senior’s behavior gives you the power to adjust your care strategies as their behaviors change, keeping them safe, well, and living independently. envoyatHome helps you replace guesswork with actionable information. For example:

  • Uncover inconsistent sleep behavior that may point to treatable cognitive or wellness issues that result in too much napping during the day, excessive fatigue, or time of day confusion.
  • Monitor nighttime bathroom visits for unusual frequency and duration which may be symptomatic of a medical issue or may require immediate intervention. With envoyatHome, you can have confidence that when your loved one visits the bathroom, they safely return to bed or you’ll be notified.
  • Night wandering, sleeping in unusual places, and opening doors at night are safety risks. Excessive visits to the kitchen may be indicative of a nutrition or hydration issue.
  • Discover your loved one’s nighttime routines, and watch for changes in behavior that may point to a need for medical or care interventions.
  • Share envoyatHome data with your doctors. Data can overcome your loved one’s reluctance or inability to accurately self-report.

These are just a few ways that envoyatHome can provide you with peace of mind, even at night when your loved one is alone. It only takes a minute to learn more about how envoyatHome works to keep your senior living independently, longer.

Keep Your Loved One Independent Safely

Using a motion sensor monitor for elderly individuals means there are no intrusive cameras or listening devices to compromise your loved one’s dignity. There are no wearables to forget, lose, charge, or choose not to wear out of pride. Contact us to learn about envoyatHome and how our passive technology can help you regain your peace of mind while keeping your senior living independently.

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