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envoyatHome is a service that gives family caregivers actionable insights into their loved one’s behaviors at home – behaviors that might put an elderly person’s safety or wellness at risk.

envoyatHome answers the question “Is my loved one ok RIGHT NOW?” with 24 hours, 7 days a week remote monitoring that sends a notification in real time to a caregiver’s mobile phone if a senior may be at risk.

The service also answers the question “How can I keep my senior living independently longer?” by reporting subtle changes in behavior that may be indicative of safety, wellness, or cognitive issues.

This critical component of the envoyatHome service empowers caregivers and clinicians to intervene earlier, make care decisions based on objective data, and ensure seniors enjoy the financial and social benefits of aging in place for as long as possible.

envoyatHome digital caregiving consists of inconspicuous smart home sensors and a small internet hub to place in your senior’s living space and unlimited use of our intuitive, user friendly app so your authorized team of caregivers can receive notifications and view data.

From the caregiver point of view, envoyatHome is personalized for your specific care concerns – a senior’s risky behaviors that concern you or desirable behaviors that give you peace of mind – each is equally important!

  • Toileting and bathroom concerns
  • Morning wake and evening retire concerns
  • Safety and risks around hazards like stairs, thresholds, basements, attics, garages
  • Nutrition and hydration concerns via access to fridge, freezer, cabinets, drawers
  • Social isolation concerns
  • Sleep concerns
  • Physical inactivity, physical overactivity, sedentary behavior concerns
  • Exercise and activity concerns
  • Wandering, pacing, and elopement concerns (clinical criteria as determined by your clinician)
  • Day/Night confusion
  • Leaving home and returning home routines
  • Home temperature extremes with optional sensors
  • Window or door open with optional sensors
  • Water leak with optional sensors
  • Remote control of door locks with optional, compatible locks. (Remotely unlock a door for a neighbor or first responder, or unlock a door for a senior who’s forgotten their keys!)
  • Remote control of garage door with optional, compatible automation
  • Eating (via cabinet or fridge access)
  • Hydration (via access to cabinets or fridge)

Unlike some other remote senior monitoring solutions, envoyatHome is delivered to you with the full capability to monitor and report for over 35 care concerns. You can personalize the care plan for as many or as few care concerns as you like, and change your care plan at any time.

envoyatHome is delivered with everything you need for full, comprehensive caregiving. You’ll receive 8 smart home sensors, an internet hub, and the envoyatHome app to download for as many caregivers as you like.

Our standard equipment package is ideal for an average sized home or apartment. All you need is internet service, an empty port on your loved one’s home router, and power for the hub.

envoyatHome uses small, smart home sensors that are inconspicuous, discreet, and easily blend with any decor. They securely affix to surfaces with residential grade “no damage when removed” double sided tape product, much like you would affix holiday decorations.

Our standard equipment package provides enough sensors for a typical home. Please give us a call if you have an unusual number of exterior doors, staircases, or more than 2 bathrooms. Extra sensors may be required.

Our goal is to make care affordable and accessible for almost everyone. You’ll pay a one time fee for the envoyatHome equipment, then a monthly subscription fee for the service. Please call us for pricing.

Contact us! We’ll help you find a local distributor or you can subscribe directly from us.

For consumers who purchase a subscription from envoyatHome directly, there is no long term obligation. If you no longer need the service, just call us to cancel.

You can include as many caregivers on your team as you like for the same low monthly fee.

First you place envoyatHome sensors around your loved one’s home and connect the internet hub to their router. With clicks and swipes in our app, you personalize envoyatHome’s care plan for your loved one’s behaviors, focusing on the specific behaviors that concern you as a caregiver.

As your senior lives normally in their home, envoyatHome’s patented software translates their motion, activity, and movement into behaviors, then compares those behaviors to your care plan in real time. When your loved one may be at risk, everyone on your care team receives an immediate notification to their mobile phone.

We also give you insight into your loved one’s behaviors over time, so you can see subtle changes that may only occur when your loved one is alone – often not obvious to family or friends. You can change the care plan as your loved one’s behaviors change, so you’re always on top of your loved one’s care.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific care concerns so we can help you determine whether envoyatHome is a fit. Most pets are compatible with our system. 

envoyatHome can be effective in almost any home with internet service – we haven’t found an incompatible one yet! It is theoretically possible, however, that some very unusual floor plans may require extra sensors or may limit the available features. Please give us a call so we can help.

envoyatHome has no cameras, no microphones, no listening devices, and no wearable technology. There’s no video surveillance, no eavesdropping, and no GPS tracking in envoyatHome’s patented technology.

Once installed and personalized, envoyatHome is virtually maintenance free. The sensors are powered by long lasting batteries. While the batteries are rated for multiple years, we remind you to replace them yearly. If a battery is low before then, you’ll receive a notification through the app.

Caregiver notification of a power or internet outage is built in to envoyatHome. You’ll receive a notification if the power goes out – a real benefit in extreme weather.

During the outage, monitoring will be unavailable, but when the power or internet is restored, envoyatHome will automatically restart and monitoring service will resume. There is nothing for your loved one (or you) to do!

Absolutely. envoyatHome has many clients who supplement part time in-home care with envoyatHome to provide a 24 hours, 7 days a week blanket of protection.

It depends. Please give us a call to discuss your specific care concerns and your loved one’s living situation.

Absolutely! envoyatHome can overcome some of the limitations of PERS buttons.

envoyatHome is entirely passive, meaning your senior doesn’t engage envoyatHome. There’s no charging or devices to misplace or conspicuous lanyards or buttons to push. There isn’t even a power switch.

Most importantly, your loved one doesn’t have to recognize a risky situation and make a decision under duress to engage envoyatHome. It’s always on.

With a tap on our app, envoyatHome shows you all the behavioral data collected via your care plan over time. It’s presented to you in easily understandable charts, graphs, and narratives that makes it easy to see subtle changes in your loved one’s behaviors, routines, or risk factors.

While envoyatHome is never a substitute for medical advice, caregivers have recognized subtle symptoms of cognitive decline and memory concerns, UTIs, or the need for more supervision.

Sharing envoyatHome data at a doctor’s visit overcomes the limitations of reluctant senior self-reporting, casual observation by non-clinicians, or a senior’s inability to self-recognize concerning issues. envoyatHome data is objective, consistent, and contextual, giving your clinician better insight.

Check out the envoyatHome blog pages for stories and examples.

Many symptoms of cognitive decline, dementia, memory loss etc can be identified through behaviors at home. For example, envoyatHome has alerted caregivers to signs of day/night confusion, night wandering, sundowners syndrome, door confusion, pacing, insomnia, anxiety, and even lack of eating and drinking.

One client was alerted to her father leaving his apartment at 4AM during a blizzard – he was quickly and safely intercepted thanks to a real time notification from envoyatHome.

Another family was notified when their mother’s overnight bathroom frequency increased. She was diagnosed with a UTI by a physician.

Families have brought envoyatHome data to doctor’s appointments, resulting in changes to medications and new diagnoses.

It might surprise you that yes, we have many clients who live in senior living or assisted living. Why? Because senior living isn’t senior care.

We have families who use envoyatHome to validate loved ones receive contracted services like bed checks, nurse visits, meal deliveries, toileting assistance, etc.

A family with a senior living alone in any arrangement is a candidate for envoyatHome.

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