Home Monitoring System for the Elderly

Our home monitoring system for the elderly is for caregivers of older adults who age in place.

Save $$$$ (yes, that’s THOUSANDS) on senior care.

NO wearables. NO cameras. NO objections. Just your peace of mind.

When you can’t be there yourself, we’re your trusted  “envoy at home.”

What Can Our Home Monitoring System for the Elderly Do for You?

Ruth - family member of envoyatHome customer
Rita was TREATED FOR A UTI after envoyatHome reported increasing frequency of overnight bathroom visits.
Walter's DOC ADJUSTED HIS MEDS when envoyatHome reported overnight wandering on the stairs.
Ellen WAS RESCUED when envoyatHome reported her distress. She wasn't wearing her pendant.
John - family member of an envoyatHome customer
envoyatHome reported signs of confusion. Jack was DIAGNOSED AND TREATED for dehydration.

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Uses data to identify trends that may indicate a decline in mental or physical health
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Finally. Caregiving in the Digital Age.

Night wandering

What About Elderly Falls?

We know you worry about elderly falls. We do too.

Nothing makes a family caregiver feel more helpless than the thought of a loved one in the fog of an emergency – overwhelmed, injured, or worse yet, incapacitated and alone.

Yet, it’s in this stressful state that we expect a senior to fend for themselves by pushing a button. What if they can’t reach (or didn’t wear) their device?

Will they have their emergency in the room where the fall detector is installed? What about the rest of the home?

No wonder we worry about elderly falls.

There’s a better way. A home monitoring system for elderly loved ones.

We help you understand the conditions that may lead to falls. So you and their medical team can address them. Like night wandering. Poor sleep habits. Unusual bathroom routines. 

And if they’re in distress, envoyatHome immediately alerts you and your entire caregiver team. Virtually anywhere in the home. Regardless of their cognitive capabilities or memory. 

Here’s how envoyatHome’s patented “Passive Behavior Discovery” is different from other home monitors for the elderly.

  • envoyatHome immediately alerts caregivers to risky behaviors, activities, and routines – not just your loved one’s location in the home. We notify you of wandering aimlessly in the middle of the night, staying too long in the bathroom, picking up the newspaper on the front steps but not coming back inside – situations that may indicate your loved one needs help.
  • You’ll see the “unseeable” like bathroom behavior indicative of a UTI, wandering throughout the home alone at night, or improving sleep routines when the Rx is adjusted.
  • We use patented technology silently operating 24×7. There’s nothing for your loved one to wear, charge, misplace, forget, or engage. To your loved one, we’re utterly forgettable in all the right ways.
  • Our technology blankets an entire home or assisted living apartment with protection for one low monthly rate.
  • Best of all, we let you know when everything is routine too. So you’re not forced to assume everything is OK until it’s not.

Elderly falls aren’t the only safety concern for family caregivers. envoyatHome’s remote monitor for the elderly discovers over 35 reasons they may need immediate help when they’re home alone.

When you can’t be there yourself, you need an “envoy at home.

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Peace of Mind for Caregivers

Our home monitoring system for the elderly discovers dangerous behavior you can't see when they're alone.


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Cognitive Risks

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Cognitive Behavior

  • Wandering
  • Elopement
  • Pacing
  • Day/Night confusion
  • Time of day confusion
  • Inactivity
  • Sleep disruption/location
  • Lethargy
  • Overactivity

safety icon of a heart lock

Safety Risks

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  • Home departure
  • Home arrival
  • Morning wake routine
  • Evening return routine
  • Stairs, basements, garages
  • Physical inactivity
  • Door opening
  • Window opening
  • Occupying a room too long
  • Lack of movement or activity

wellness icon of a heart in hand

Wellness Concerns

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  • Morning begin daily routine
  • Evening retire daily routine
  • Toileting frequency
  • Toileting duration
  • Social isolation
  • Social distancing
  • Movement relevant ADLs
  • Sleep routine

Compliance to Medical Orders

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Compliance to Medical Orders

  • Avoiding stairs or hazards
  • Movement
  • Rest
  • Nutrition (via access)
  • Hydration (via access)
  • Meds (via access)

Home Icon

Home Environment

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Home Environment

  • Temperature extremes
  • Water leak
  • Door open
  • Garage door open
  • Window open
  • Remotely lock door or window
  • Remotely unlock door or window
  • Remotely operate garage door
  • Remotely unlock for First Responder

Features like remote operation of locks require purchase of additional equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using small motion sensors powered by our software, our smart caregiver innovation transforms the sensor data into clinically relevant human behavior. This behavior can point to safety, cognitive decline, and wellness risks. We alert you to a senior’s risky behaviors as they are happening  while uncovering indicators of wellness issues you can share with docs – giving you peace of mind by making you smarter about your loved one’s care.

Smart home tech is great, but we make caregivers smarter, not houses. The behavior magic happens in our software, not in the smart home devices we use to collect data. In fact, there’s nothing special about the sensors at all. 

Sadly, older adults don’t always wear their device. They can be overwhelmed in an emergency and fail to push the button. Along with cameras that someone has to watch, these are active devices. Passive technology eliminates these risks, especially when cognitive decline or memory loss is a concern – it means your loved one doesn’t have to do anything but go about their normal routine while you enjoy peace of mind. envoyatHome is the home monitoring system for the elderly that’s always on, discreet, and inconspicuous – there isn’t even a power switch!

Our smart caregiver is simple to get up and running. Open the box and envoyatHome gives you care data and real time notifications in about an hour. Sensors are placed with peel and stick tape. You personalize digital caregiving for your loved one with clicks and swipes in our simple to use app. We’ve had family caregivers, home health aides, and even grandchildren get envoyatHome up and running – in about an hour. 

envoyatHome Customer Care is included with every purchase, so friendly help is only a phone call or email away.

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