Monitoring For The Elderly Living Independently

You worry about your senior, especially during those long, lonely hours they’re home alone. The “what ifs” are many – how can you help if you don’t know they need it?  Monitoring for the elderly living independently can provide you peace of mind when you just can’t be there.

envoyatHome is an innovative and affordable caregiver solution that’s a monitor for the elderly living alone. Imagine receiving a notification on your cell phone when your loved one may be at risk so you can intervene to avoid an emergency that might compromise their independence. It’s like having full time help to supervise your loved one, but at the cost of only a few dollars a day.

Consider the Benefits of State of the Art Technology

Using  age-at-home technology like envoyatHome will give you more confidence that your loved one is safe and well despite living alone. It gives you and your caregiving team the power to monitor the elderly remotely from anywhere you use your cell phone, while giving your senior the dignified independence they deserve. Consider:

  • envoyatHome is personalized for the care concerns important to you and your family. As your loved one’s behaviors are changing, you adjust your care concerns with clicks and swipes on your cell phone.
  • Share envoyatHome data with doctors and clinicians to ensure your loved one gets the very best care. You don’t have to depend on your loved one’s memory for reliable self-reporting.
  • Share the care with family and professionals. There are no limits to the number of caregivers on board.
  • Supplement part time paid caregivers with envoyatHome passive monitoring for 24×7 “High Touch with High Tech” care.
  • envoyatHome monitors people, not rooms! We help you understand your loved one’s behaviors so you can deliver the care they need to help avoid situations that may compromise their independence.

With an indoor monitor for the elderly living alone, you can worry less. With envoyatHome monitoring, you get the peace of mind that only comes with understanding your loved one’s behavior – when you know, you can do something.

You Want to Keep Your Loved Ones at Home and Independent

You may have questions about envoyatHome and how it can help you and your loved one. We would like to answer all your questions. Supplement the loving care you provide to your family with a passive monitoring tool that provides the 24 hour a day peace of mind you need. Contact envoyatHome to learn more about how we can help you help your loved one to live independently longer.

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