Smart Home Devices For Seniors Aging In Place

Let’s face it – full time hourly care is really expensive, and with work and other obligations, we can’t always stop by to check on a loved one as often as we’d like. We promised to help them age at home, but it gets harder and more expensive to be their caregiver. Risks to their safety and wellness increase with both physical and cognitive changes, especially when they’re home alone. But how do we know if we’re not there?

People don’t have part time memory loss, so why do we settle for part time care? With envoyatHome, you don’t have to settle.

Passive smart home devices for seniors living independently are always on, even after the caregiver leaves.

envoyatHome provides insight to a loved one’s risky behaviors while they’re home alone, making you 24 hour virtual caregiver. As an innovative and affordable solution, envoyatHome empowers you to intervene earlier, giving you more influence over your loved one’s care.

envoyatHome’s Approach to Supporting You

Smart devices for the elderly are plentiful, but envoyatHome is for YOU, their caregiver. Practically invisible to your loved one, our solution is your 24 hour in-home eyes and ears – with NO cameras or listening devices to violate a loved one’s privacy.

  • Gain insight into behaviors that may put your loved one at risk: This smart home for elderly and disabled family members notifies you when a loved one may be at risk so you can intervene. Caregivers and health care providers use envoyatHome reports to uncover subtle changes in behavior that may indicate a need for treatment or change in care.
  • Monitor overnights: People still have dementia at night, yet many seniors have no overnight care. With envoyatHome’s smart home systems for elderly, it only costs pennies per hour to have 24 hour peace of mind.
  • What about cognitive decline: envoyatHome analyzes 24 hour behavior over days and weeks and months, helping you and your care team uncover subtle changes in behavior that you may not otherwise notice. When you know your senior’s behavior, you can intervene earlier to help avoid situations that may compromise your loved one’s independence.

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Your senior wants to age in their own home. Learn more about envoyatHome, and how we’ve helped family caregivers just like you fulfill their promise.

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