Passive Safety Monitor For Elderly Caregiving

As a family caregiver, senior safety is often our most pressing concern. When choosing a safety monitor for elderly loved ones, there’s a lot to consider. For caregivers, envoyatHome is an innovative and affordable solution designed to immediately alert you when your loved one may be at risk at home. It works differently by monitoring a senior’s behavior, not just their location, to give caregivers the opportunity to intervene earlier and help avoid adverse events. While other safety monitors for seniors can tell you where a senior is in the home, envoyatHome can tell you so much more. It’s the safety monitor for elderly loved ones that gives caregivers the most peace of mind.

Consider envoyatHome’s Approach to Safety

Safety monitoring devices for elderly people come in a wide range of forms. envoyatHome is not a personal emergency response system or a single-purpose fall detector, and there are no buttons for a compromised senior to remember to push. Rather, it’s technology that takes a data-driven approach to give you actionable information every time a senior demonstrates a risky behavior. Armed with this information, you can intervene before an adverse event, change a care plan to address newly identified needs, and share the care with family and professionals. Consider the numerous ways envoyatHome works:

  • Enhancing Safety: Every home has hazards. You may have done your best to make it safe with support solutions, but perhaps you’re still worried about risks in the bathroom or on the stairs. You can personalize envoyatHome for the safety concerns that are specific to your loved one’s behavior to keep them safe and well at home. We’ll alert you immediately if your senior demonstrates the behavior you identified as risky. We can also show you the data over time so you can see their behavior is changing — and how you might adjust the care plan.
  • Overnight Care: When a senior lives independently, you can’t be with him or her all the time. You may have part-time paid care to help, but what about the long overnight hours? You may assume your loved one is sleeping at night, but that’s not always the case, especially with seniors who are just beginning a cognitive journey. With envoyatHome’s elderly monitoring service, you can discover behaviors that may be putting a loved one at risk, especially during those times when nobody is there to watch.
  • Monitor Cognition: It’s not easy to watch cognitive decline in your loved one, but it’s also difficult to recognize subtle, inconsistent signs that may show up only when a senior is alone. Early intervention can make a big difference in a senior’s quality of life. envoyatHome is with your loved one 24×7, so even when they’re alone it can continuously offer data on behaviors consistent with aging. When you share this data with doctors and clinicians, you give them facts they can use to recommend the best treatments and interventions.
  • Remaining Independent: A home risk assessment by a care professional may identify obvious concerns, but what about a senior’s risky behavior when he or she is alone? You can use envoyatHome to supplement part time aides and agency care. This gives you affordable, full-time, 24×7 visibility into your loved one’s safety and wellness — even when paid caregivers are out of the budget.

When you see how much envoyatHome can do for your peace of mind and your loved one’s independence, you can feel good about supporting his or her desire to age in place. Unlike other safety monitors for seniors, envoyatHome’s behavioral approach gives you the power to understand and adapt to their changing needs.

Keep Independent Seniors Living Safely Wherever They Call Home

Investing in safety monitors for seniors makes financial sense whether your senior lives at home, an apartment, assisted living or a long term care facility. If you want to keep your independent seniors safe, take a closer look at what envoyatHome has to offer. Contact us today to start.

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