Activity Monitoring System For Elderly Care

Support of a senior with cognitive decline or memory loss can be a challenge for family caregivers. When your loved ones can’t see the risks to their independence on their own, it can be difficult to provide the care they need. With envoyatHome, an activity monitoring system for elderly care, caregivers can gain the peace of mind they need while their senior lives independently with dignity.

envoyatHome works by discovering unseen behaviors that put a senior at risk. The average senior spends most of his or her time alone, even when living in assisted living or senior living. This solitary time can be an especially worrisome problem for family caregivers. The solution is 24-hour digital care — IoT devices for elderly care powered by envoyatHome are discreet, inconspicuous, and require no activation by or interaction with the senior.

Why is “passive technology” so important for the caregivers of memory-impaired loved ones? Passive monitoring doesn’t require objectionable cameras or listening devices, nor does it use buttons that a cognitively declining senior may never push. Wearables can be too much responsibility because they can be lost, left behind, or lose their charge.

Technology for Family Caregivers

envoyatHome puts you, the caregiver, in charge of your loved one’s care plan. By focusing on behavior, envoyatHome helps a caregiver intervene earlier to minimize risks to a loved one’s independence. A senior’s behavior is always changing, which can mean that a care plan needs to change with it. IoT elder care powered by envoyatHome produces actionable information that families and doctors use to avoid safety and wellness emergencies, keeping a senior safe and well.

This is how envoyatHome makes caregiving smarter.

IoT for elderly care powered by envoyatHome can help caregivers discover:

  • Signs of night wandering, pacing, elopement, or other ambulatory behaviors that put a cognitive patient’s safety at risk
  • Evidence of sleep issues, time of day confusion, anxiousness or sedentary behaviors that put a senior’s wellness at risk
  • Behaviors associated with nutrition, hydration, and toileting that may indicate an intervention is required

envoyatHome’s data can also assure you that your loved one’s behavior is normal, giving you peace of mind while your senior continues to live independently. envoyatHome’s findings can be easily shared with family, professional caregivers, and doctors so your loved one gets the very best care.

IoT device monitoring powered by envoyatHome can operate independently or in addition to part time hourly care for AFFORDABLE full time care! Learn more about how envoyatHome works to make 24-hour care affordable.

Keep Your Loved One Safe and Independent

Your loved one doesn’t have part time cognitive decline. So why settle for part time care?

By supplementing your own loving care (or part time paid services) with envoyatHome digital care, you give your loved one the 24-hour support needed to live independently. With the help of IoT for elderly care powered by envoyatHome, your family CAN afford full time care.

Contact envoyatHome to learn how it works and how smarter caregiving can keep your loved one living independently longer.

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