We're building the future with AI for value-based healthcare.

If you’re an ACO, Provider, Payer, or deliver services under a value-based reimbursement model, there’s something you should know.

Your patients spend a LOT of time at home alone. Their unseen behavior can put them at risk, especially if they’re elderly or have a dementia. Their risks are invisible, until the ED visit, readmission, rehab, PT, OT…

Behavior matters to outcomes.

But did you know that you can uncover risky behavior even when your patient is home alone? At envoyatHome, we digitally discover behavior, then monitor, report, and analyze in real time as it’s happening. And over time too, giving subtle behavior changes NO place to hide.

You see behavior as Behavior Data. We passively generate Behavior Data from the home 24×7, which means no cameras, no wearables, no buttons, no privacy objections, and no compliance challenges. Increased frequency of toileting behavior? Test for a UTI. New Rx for night wandering behavior? Monitor efficacy as you iterate dosage. And this is only the beginning.

We’ve discovered something new.

AI makes Behavior Data better. Large language models make it more accessible. And Generative AI for healthcare makes it more clinically powerful.

Don’t you want to know when your patient’s behavior at home puts them at risk?

Of course you do. Because their risks are your risks. We lower your risk today. You might even say we’re your “envoy at home.”

We’re working on the future of our patented innovation – Passive Behavior Discovery – with AI for healthcare.

Because they still have dementia after the caregiver leaves. 

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