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Who Buys Digital Senior Care Services?


Family caregivers!
Often the adult son or daughter of an independent older adult who lives alone at home, in senior living, or in assisted living

Senior woman sitting with her health care aide

Professional caregivers, home care agencies, senior living communities, assisted living, or anyone motivated to keep an older adult safe and well

Night wandering

Pros with relationships to families of at-risk patients like elder law attorneys, senior services agencies, social workers, case managers, or discharge managers

Hug from behind

Anyone who asks “Is my loved one safe and well RIGHT NOW? Am I giving the right care to keep them aging in place? How can I afford 24 x 7 in-home care?”

Frequently Asked Questions
and answers!

envoyatHome is a digital caregiving service that delivers peace of mind to family caregivers of at-risk adults and seniors who live independently. Caregivers use our service to ensure their loved one is safe and well at home. envoyatHome services are delivered as a monthly subscription.

Simply put, our program pays you a commission when your referral subscribes to envoyatHome. We’re different from other programs because we add your logo and contact information to the most often used screen of our app for your referrals. Your brand stays with your referral.

There’s no cost to join, but you have to apply so we can be sure we’re better together. If your influence reaches family caregivers of seniors and those who support them, you’re a great fit!

Include your unique link and promo code in your online content. When a buyer uses your link and promo code to contact us, we connect that contact to you for 60 days. When the contact becomes a subscriber within the 60 day period, we pay you a percentage of the subscription revenue as a referral fee. We start the payments after the customer has been a subscriber for 3 months. There are terms and conditions, so please contact us for the details.

Email, call, or use the “Sign up for FREE” button to get started.

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